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October 08 2014

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Galeria Echo.
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June 29 2014


June 15 2014

PKP Wierna Rzeka.
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June 08 2014

May 30 2014

Dworzec PKS.

May 22 2014

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May 21 2014

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May 15 2014

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May 11 2014

PKP Kielce Czarnów.
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May 07 2014

Kino Moskwa.
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May 06 2014

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May 05 2014


April 28 2014

Jajo pod Galerią Korona.
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April 20 2014

Chłodnia, ul. Zagnańska.

April 08 2014

Ul. Grunwaldzka.
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March 27 2014

Park Baranowski.
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Galeria Korona.

March 23 2014

Zalew w Cedzynie.

March 10 2014

Biblioteka UJK.
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